Eva Mouton

Drawing alone in an hoekske since 1991
Logo Eva Mouton

We are very proud to be distributor of Eva Mouton’s collection. You can now transform Eva’s cheerful drawings into your favorite piece of clothing. Ideal for the kids’ wardrobe! Don’t know her yet? Let her introduce herself:

Hello! I’m Eva Mouton, a Belgian illustrator known for playful, hand-drawn designs. Born into a creative family, I discovered my passion for drawing at an early age.

After studying visual arts at Luca Arts Ghent, I started my career as a freelance illustrator. My work is often autobiographical and inspired by everyday events. I like to put humor in my drawings, which makes them recognizable and loved by a wide audience.

My fabric collections are a reflection of my life philosophy: colorful, accessible and always with a positive approach. Whether you are an experienced seamstress or just starting to discover the wonderful world of textiles, my fabrics offer endless possibilities to create your own unique items. Our craft kits are a fun activity for young and old. Our extended family figurines aren’t just funny. They are the perfect addition to your contemporary interior!


Editex and Eva Mouton are a match made in heaven. Eva provides the beautiful drawings and we translate them into high-quality fabrics. What are you waiting for? Get started with those fabrics!