Eva Mouton

Drawing alone in an hoekske since 1991
Logo Eva Mouton
We are very proud to distribute the Eva Mouton collection. You can now transform Eva’s cheerful drawings into your favorite item of clothing. Perfect for the kids’ wardrobe! You don’t know her yet? She’ll introduce herself to you:
I am Eva Mouton! In 2009 I graduated as a Master in Visual Arts at Sint-Lucas in Ghent. Until 2015 I worked solo as a freelance illustrator. Since 2015 I have been working with my partner Bert De Geyter. I illustrate books, draw campaigns for large and small brands and regularly create infographics for governments. I also make wall and window drawings and I have a signed column in the newspaper De Standaard, which appears every week on Saturdays. We also have a webshop, where we sell my books, our fabrics and other fun things. How we design the fabrics? I make the drawings and Bert combines everything into beautiful patterns. A match made in heaven!
And Editex and Eva Mouton are also a match made in heaven. Eva takes care of the beautiful drawings and we translate them into high-quality fabrics. What are you waiting for? Get started with those fabrics!