Being creative, designing, making something with your own hands – what is summarized under the term “crafting” is trending worldwide. We at Burda Style inspire women to have a passion for handicrafts and make them proud of their projects.

Founded over 70 years ago, today we offer our users, as a leading platform in the sewing and needlework segment, over 18,000 sewing patterns and sewing aids, high-quality magazines and books on sewing. There are lively exchanges and competitions in our community of sewing enthusiasts. In addition, users have the opportunity to give away or sell their own fabrics in our fabric exchange.

Together with Editex, we offer our users the opportunity to buy all the necessary components together with new “all-in-one boxes”. 1,2, sew!

Since 2021 Burda Create! selects their fabrics from our Signature collection.