Welcome to Editex!

Welcome to Editex, wholesale company of fabrics since 1945.

Editex is a Belgian family company with international salespoints. We offer a wide range of fabrics of high quality. First of all, the assortment exists of cotton, jeans and viscose. On top of that, we also offer fabrics in wool, suède and lace. All of our fabrics comply to high quality standards. Furthermore, they are produced by regular and reliable international partners. Lastly, the fabrics are available in a major range of different colours. They’re also purchased in a responsible way.

Editex has their own Signature collection, which responds to the latest trends. Beside that, we also work together with designers such als Eva Mouton and Bel’Etoile.

Maybe you are looking for the cutest prints for your kids, or the newest trendy fabrics? Discover them at Editex or in one of our many sales points at home or abroad.

Editex is a wholesale company in fashion fabrics. Completely Belgian with international sales points.
We're proud to collaborate with various talented partners. Discover them here!
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